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Psychotherapy to fit your busy lifestyle.


Divorce Sucks! But your recovery doesn’t have to.

Struggling with how to heal or move on? Stuck in thoughts of despair or obsessions about him or your old life? Feeling like you don’t deserve to be loved the way you need? Afraid your time is running out? Filled with anger and rage, which is unlike you and wondering who is this person?

I can help you heal from your divorce or separation. Let us work together to help you flourish after your divorce and create the life you were meant to have. Let’s take your power back because it is time for you to live your best life!

Welcome I am a divorce therapist in Appleton, Wisconsin. I see clients from all over the state and internationally through an online therapy portal. I have been featured on yourtango and Insider. 


Are you ready to look in the mirror and love the person you see?


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Is teletherapy for you? Schedule today!

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