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Support For Individuals & Couples

Sex therapy to help you have a better relationship. 

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Individual Therapy

Life is too short for bad sex. Are you looking for a sex therapist to help with intimacy issues in your relationship or before you get into a relationship?
Are you feeling unfullfilled sexually or need a safe space to talk about your sexuality or a dysfunction?
Are you worried about sex addiction or porn addiction? Or have you found your partner has been unfaithful?

Are you ready to address intimacy issues?

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Couples Therapy

Are you in a sexless relationship or worried that desire differences are going to ruin your relationship? Is a sexual dysfunction making you feel unloved? 

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Hello! I’m Jessica

Clinical Sexologist and Licensed Therapist

Everyday I come home from work feeling so lucky to work with people on their sex lives, it’s such a taboo topic and yet people are brave enough to invite me into their lives because they have hope that it will get better. I am a PhD candidate in clinical sexology and sexpert in Wisconsin. I have been featured Insider, MSN, Bustle, Martha Stewart, Podcast interviews and many more. 

My Expertise

Low Desire

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Desire differences are very common in couples. They can also be a huge source of frustration and even lead to a sexless relationship. The initiator gets tired of pursuing and the gatekeeper keeps the gate closed. Most of my clients struggle with desire differences which can lead to partners feeling not wanted and invalidated. The person with the low desire feels like something is wrong with them and as if they need to have sex out of obligation, the quality of sex isn’t fulfilling in these dynamics. 

Sexless Relationships

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Sexless relationships can start slowly or start suddenly. The reasons for the sexless relationship vary but a sexless relationship can be very damaging and lead to resentment. Clients want to have an intimate friend back and sex is important for pair bonding. We can work together to determine how to create an intimate bond in the relationship. 

Erectile Dysfunction

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It is incredibly damaging for a man to experience erectile challenges. I see an increase in men with performance anxiety which worsens over time. You don’t have to live with erection challenges as we can work on reducing your anxiety to help you perform. If your ED is caused by medical factors therapy can help you learn to deal with it and find additional ways of experiencing pleasure. 

Sexual Education

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Most of our sex education is provided with a focus on anatomy, prevention of disease, and prevention of pregnancy. We are not educated on intimacy and how to have pleasure. Sex remains a topic that isn’t discussed in most circles and friendships, which leaves people trying to find information on their own or going without. I provide sex education to increase intimacy, pleasure, and confidence in one’s sexuality.


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Infidelity whether with a partner or with virtual access to people has been increasing. Infidelity is incredibly damaging in a relationship and fractures the trust, in my practice couples complete a disclosure session in which the couples come together to learn about all of the affairs and some of the details. This is necessary to work on repairing the bond. 

Communication Issues

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One of the biggest issues in a relationship is communication. Most people are not even talking about their sex life with their partners, which allows for so much shame to grow. In therapy we can work on how to communicate about sensitive topics. 


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Low confidence in the bedroom limits pleasure for both partners. Imagine how freeing it would be to not worry about how you look or if you are doing something right. You could focus on having fun with yourself or your partner. When someone is insecure they look for evidence that supports that and they end up finding it. When they feel secure they get to turn off all of those thoughts and fears and learn how to enjoy the sensations and connection. 

Performance Issues

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Performance issues such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation can be treated with psychotherapy. Let’s work together to reduce the performance issues so you can have a fulfilling sex life again. 

Pornography Issues

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Pornography has become something that can damage a relationship and contribute to performance issues. Pornography can also be used in a healthy way but for some people, it can become problematic. I see an increase of people that are viewing more pornography than they would like and are having a challenge stopping it. 


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Couples come into therapy to explore if their partner is compatible with them. While dating it can be easy to ignore sexual compatibility but the differences come out at some point in the relationship. Wouldn’t you rather explore that before getting invested in a relationship that might not meet your needs? 

Strained Relationships

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My Approach & Values

I believe that everyone deserves to have a healthy relationship with a strong intimate bond. I also believe everyone is deserving of a fulfilling sex life wether you are in a relationship or solo. I believe that the sex education available is not sex positive and that it’s important to have a safe space to talk about ones sexuality. 

I am a PhD level clinician (not finalized) with significant training in sex therapy. My dissertation topic is about sex and money and the currencies we use in relationships. I love helping people have better lives and relationships.  

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"I'd always heard that men wanted sex more than women, but that wasn't the case in my marriage. My husband did not want me and I did not know what to do. Luckily I found Jessica and we worked on our desire differences, which I actually learned is really common. If you have desire differences, I highly suggest you work with her."

Tiffany and Jonathon – Couple: Age 34 & 38

"With Jessica's help I was able to work on some performance issues I was having while I was dating. I believe those issues were from using porn when I was younger, which we worked on."

Brad: Age 27

"When I found out my husband was having an affair with multiple women, I felt like I had no one to talk to. I started therapy with Jessica and learned about his compulsion and repaired myself enough to leave him."

Katie: Age 41

Contact Me

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