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I’m Jessica Cline, MSW, LCSW

Psychotherapist and Sexologist

I want to help you have a more fulfilling sex life without having to come into my office.

Improve your sex life in the privacy of your own home

Most of my clients arrive at my office filled with shame and fear. They’re sure that this professional (me) is going to tell them something is wrong with them or there is no hope. 60 minutes later they leave my office with the weight of the world off their back and they are ready to discover their best sex life. And yet most people don’t make it to my office because they don’t think their problems are so severe that they need a sex therapist, that’s why I created this course.

Helping You Achieve Success

Enroll now if:

You want a better sex life

You want to openly communicate about sex

You want to feel more connected to your partner

You are single and want your next relationship to be filled with passion

You and your partner want to connect in a deeper way

Video Lessons

Video lessons by me to help you address the barriers to intimacy


Couples Manual

Create your own love manual for your relationship. Which includes rituals for initiating sex.

Worksheets and Homework

Worksheets and homework to learn what you and your partner like in the bedroom. The homework helps address communication issues.

Cheaper Than 2 Therapy Sessions

Get started on the first module today for only $297!

Who is Sex Matters For?

This course is for anyone that wants to improve their sex life and learn new skills to increase intimacy in a relationship. You may take this course alone or with your partner. This course can help with sexless relationships, desire differences, initiation issues, communication issues about sex, performance issues, confidence issues, and anyone wanting to increase their sexual education.

About Me

I’m Jessica Cline a psychotherapist and sexpert (yes people call me that) on a mission to support anyone who wants a fulfilling sex life and a healthy relationship. Life is too short for unfulfilling sex. Yet, many of us don’t know how to make that happen, we are never really taught about these relational issues in school. And let’s be honest our modern lives have the ability to suck the desire right out of us, so let’s change that. 



“I finally learned that guilt and my own poor body image was decreasing my libido. My husband and I finally started to have regular sex again.”

“I hated talking about sex. Even though we had been together for a long time I just didn’t know where to start and I felt stupid. This course helped us to start talking about our sex life”

“We had desire differences within the first year of dating, 7 years later and it really took a toll. I was ready for divorce and felt like she didn’t love me since she never wanted sex. This course helped us find our intimacy again. “