Divorce Recovery

 Divorce Sucks!!! 

But maybe it doesn’t have to.

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I started specializing in divorce long before my own separation.  I seemed to have a knack for working with women who were in unhealthy marriages

and needed support in order to leave, in my community I became known as the divorce therapist. Divorce is one of the most difficult

experiences in life, I know I’ve been through it! No matter how many books you read about having an amicable divorce

it is a incredibly difficult to make that a reality. I dove into learning about divorce and strategies on how to go from surviving your 

divorce to thriving. 


In the US there is a divorce approximately every 13 seconds. Let that sink in for a moment. Divorce is also one of the most stressful event in one’s life with death of spouse or child ranking above it. Divorce or separation can be earth shattering with a range of emotions and grief. On average it takes 1 to 3 years to recover from a divorce and adjust to your new life. For some people the recovery process can take even longer. I specialize in helping people recover quicker and more meaningfully so people can create their best lives.

What does that look like? Processing the grief, reducing the stress, increasing support, tuning into dreams, healing hurt, finding purpose, and attracting love again (among many other things).

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