Why teletherapy?

In today’s world, teletherapy simply makes sense. It’s definitely the direction therapy seems to be heading, and there are many reasons why. Teletherapy is just easier to fit into our messy, busy lives.

No wasting time sitting in traffic or in waiting rooms.If you’re feeling a little under the weather, no need to cancel appointments for fear of spreading germs. It’s often more comfortable for people to open up when they are in the familiar comfort of their own homes. Some people feel less inhibited talking to a therapist about vulnerable issues online rather than face to face. Clients in their own homes have access to family members they may want to involve in treatment.

So what about the concerns? Some common concerns of people considering teletherapy are that the therapy will feel “impersonal” or somehow won’t be as effective as in-person therapy. My online therapy clients express that while therapy over the internet may feel a little strange at first, they do get used to it quickly. Research shows that internet-based therapy is comparable to in-person therapy in satisfaction and effectiveness across diverse populations.

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