Sleep isn’t only a necessity for our body but also for our brain. When we sleep our brain gets to work to process the days events and to get rid of information we don’t need and store what we do need. During a divorce we have so many thoughts occurring during the day. We have a range of 12,000-50,000 thoughts per day and an estimated 80,000 of those are negative. During a divorce we are often experiencing a roller coaster ride of emotions. Notice your thoughts during the day, what is coming up for you? Are you noticing that thoughts about the divorce and your future consume you? That’s normal to have those thoughts as you are processing this major life transition.


You need more sleep during your divorce

What do we do with those emotions?
Well during sleep we process those emotions and store what needs to be stored and get rid of information that we don’t need. Sleep is imperative to our healing process.

Women are at a greater risk of not getting the sleep they need, studies show that women need more sleep.

What gets in the way of not getting sleep?
Busy Schedules
Hormonal issues
Brain differences

Not getting enough sleep is considered a vulnerability factor. Without enough sleep we are more vulnerable to mood swings, problems with memory and concentration, impulsive behavior, irritability, and our change our interpretation of events.


Divorce is one of the most stressful life events and getting enough sleep is one of the most important copings skills during a divorce for women. Make sleep a priority and use an app like Sleep Cycle to keep track of how much you are sleeping.